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Sterek AU: Now Derek thinks about it, his boss might have mentioned that his son was in a band. Whoops. 

14/100 Flawless Angels 

14/100 Flawless Angels 

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"You know what that was for!"

13/100 Flawless Angels

13/100 Flawless Angels

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Sadly I couldn’t find a (good) Sterek book, so I got one with Stiles’ shirt motive he wore when meeting Derek in S1. So I took this and added a little Sterek word collection at the back. Journal can be bought here (x).

If you ship them bromantically you are free to reblog it too. It’s really more of a hell-I-wanna-see-derek-and-stiles-and-their-stupid-chemistry thing.

In short, yes I want all you lovelies together in one place.